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ViaMentor in conversation with life coach, author and senior executive Mr Rohit Chowdhry bring to you a powerful framework to achieve your potential based on his book "How to Get Into Your Goldilocks Zone" and his coaching experiences

Q : You are a senior executive, a life coach and an author. Describe your journey and what made you pick up coaching?


Rohit : I have over three decades of experience playing strategic leadership roles in MNCs. In this journey I have had the privilege of receiving invaluable mentoring and coaching from my colleagues. I realised the importance of these relationships and inputs and decided to invest in helping, supporting and guiding my team members as well as wider colleagues. I went through a formal coaching programme and I am an ICF certified coach for Life coaching, Executive coaching, and Transition coaching. I have coached and mentored several management level professionals, and understand the hurdles people face in being successful at work and in being satisfied with their careers and lives. I’m passionate about engaging with people to support them explore their full potential in living a satisfying life.


Q: How did “How to get into your Goldilocks Zone” happen?


Rohit : The Goldilocks Zone refers to the habitable zone around a star where the warmth is just right - not too hot and not too cold – for water to exist on a planet. I used the ‘Goldilocks Zone’ as a metaphor for my book. This zone is the combination of conditions you create to make the best of your life. This book helps you make the best of your life on this planet in five steps.

For the last few years I’ve been thinking about writing on this topic, which is very close to my heart. The Covid and work from home phase possibly created the right conditions for me to write the book.

I stumbled on this path of self-discovery rather late in life, in fact, my early forties. I would like to help my fellow beings go through this process earlier in their lives so that they may benefit from leveraging the outcomes for the larger part. The earlier one starts on this journey knowing what they would like it to be, the more fulfilling that journey will be.

We potentially limit making the best of our life by not discovering our purpose, and not necessarily because of any limitation related to our abilities, capabilities, skills and competencies. Life becomes more focused, motivating and meaningful if we have identified the purpose.


Q: Is there any specific target audience who would benefit from the book?


Rohit : While some have better clarity of their life’s purpose much early in life, some take more time to discover it. In short I would say this book is beneficial for those trying to carve out a long term path for themselves. Those trying to understand themselves better by pursuing more meaning and fulfilment in life. Or those, who feel restless and are missing ‘something’ (satisfaction) in their life. Or those who are not sure if they are on the right career path. Those who have completed their basic education and have taken up a job / work assignment for a few years (have an idea of what they like and what they do not) will benefit most from the guidance in this book.


Q: How does one go about “getting into Goldilocks Zone?”


Rohit : In this book I have called out 5 steps to get into one’s Goldilocks Zone:  Principles, Purpose, Passions, Skills, and Strategy.

  • Under Principles, I have described aspects that help one become a better human being.
  • Purpose: Addresses aspects related to the question “why” about one’s life; finding one’s long-term objective in life.
  • Passion and Skills: Address aspects related to the question “what” about one’s life. This is about discovering one’s Passion, aligning to one’s Purpose, and taking stock of the Skills needed to accomplish one’s Passion.
  • Last but not the least, Strategy: Addresses the question “how” to go about developing and implementing a strategic plan.

While the steps are simple the key is to invest time for ourselves. The worksheets and exercises particularly help raise some intriguing questions. Try answering them and surprise yourself.


Q: As a coach how would you describe the relevance of the book?


Rohit : A coach supports their protégé gain self-awareness, know where they stand in relation to their goals, unlock their potential, achieve their development objectives, and act as a sounding board. This book helps the reader do the ground work in helping identify ones long term goals and purpose.

There are huge gaps between what people want to do versus what they end up doing. After spending a lot of time and energy, through trial and error, they tend to move to what they want to do. The earlier one gets into their ‘Goldilocks Zone’ the better. When you operate in your Goldilocks Zone you will actively create the unique combination of conditions to make the best of your life.


Q: Do you offer coaching to those who need help in implementing the Goldilocks framework?


Rohit : Yes, I engage with people to support them explore their full potential in living a satisfying life and going from where they are, to where they want to be. I am happy to support people who need the guidance in identifying and getting into their Goldilocks Zone.


Q: When is the right time for someone to start using this framework?


Rohit : I’d say the right time is when one wants to understand oneself better to pursue more meaning, satisfaction and fulfilment in life. Typically those who have completed their basic education and taken up a job / work assignment for a few years (have an idea of what they like and what they do not) will benefit most from this framework. While some have better clarity of our life’s purpose much early in life, some take more time to discover it.


Q: There are several of those who would read this book midway in their careers? Should they attempt to mould their careers using this framework or let the water flow like in a river.


Rohit : I think the earlier one’s career objectives and life objectives are aligned the better. The farther we move away from what we are passionate about, the higher amount of effort is required to make course changes. The moment that one feels they need to make a change for their long term satisfaction and fulfilment, that is the moment to start investing on introspection and self-discovery, to lead the change.


Q: Have you benefitted from Coaching in your career? Would you share your coaching experience?


Rohit : Yes I have immensely benefited from coaching. At two stages in my career I had professional coaches. The good thing about the coaching relationship is that I was not being judged. I decided on my coaching objectives and priorities, and leveraged the coach as a sounding board. Unlike a mentoring relationship I didn’t receive solutions from my coach; rather received insightful questions that helped me explore actions that were best for me. The coaching process also helped me measure the progress I made from the actions I implemented to accomplish my objectives.


Q: Coaching is not something many easily opt for? What’s your advise to them.


Rohit : If you’ve not had a coaching experience earlier then it is natural to have some apprehensions or anxiety. From my experience I can say that a coach is like a friend who you can trust to be on your side – someone who is interested in your success. A coach supports you explore your objectives, the challenges you have in accomplishing them, and supports you developing and implementing actions to overcome those challenges. I would go to a football coach to improve my game. Similarly I would go to an executive coach for success at what I do, and go to a life coach for a better understanding of who I am and the impact of that on wider aspects in life. Coaching can be a good turning point in one’s life..


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